Colin Fletcher

Redwoods on Day Walk
Colin Fletcher was the “guru” of backpacking in the 70’s. His ref. book “The Complete Walker” became not just my bible for packing in the Sierras but also an all time favorite read of mine. Some may not be familiar with Colin (he died in 2007) but I believe his books are still in print. My fellow walkers, if you haven’t read any of his books do yourselves the favor of a walking lifetime and buy either “The Complete Walker” vol.1 or vol. 2. I understand that there is a 3rd volume out now. It has been co- authored by a friend of Colin’s; Chip Rawlings. (released in 2001) The other works of his are “The Thousand Mile Summer”, his walk from the Mojave to Oregon along the Pacific Crest Trail and another “The Man Who Walked Through Time” about his backpacking through the Grand Canyon. Backpacking is something I love more than almost anything in life. It has been several years since I have done any due to a back injury suffered some years ago. I still own my original Kelty pack plus a Sierra Designs winter day pack. I have hiked through sun and snow and rain and stayed out for more than two months collecting supplies mailed to general delivery at various post offices in California and Oregon. In Oregon I packed through the Strawberry Wilderness in early April. Mostly in snow up to a couple feet deep with just a tube tent but down pants,sleeping bag (Sierra Designs, good to -20) and booties. I still have my complete SVEA 123 stove which I still use on day hikes for tea or coffee or a supper of corn meal with a dash of sugar and cinnamon. I could go on and on but I have some research to do about Colin Fletcher (see link at top) or you can go ahead and take a look if your time permits. I am also going to go through old slides of mine and post some backpacking photos I shot in 1973 with my Nikon FTn Photomic 35mm. I will place them here in context with posts so that you can better understand where I have been on these two feet over the years.