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    One of the best uses for a pedometer is to track how quickly you’re walking. It is said that the optimum speed is 3 MPH. It’s simple arithmetic to see that you have walked 3 miles or so and your time is 60 […]

  • Have you noticed that when you get something going which is merely a thought but that thought ends up being something that really works that you wish you had done a bit more planning? 

    Such is the case with t […]

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    Along the Sonoma coast in Calif. is a little place named “Sea Ranch.” Built in the 1970’s it has turned into a vacation spot for people from the world over. North of Sea Ranch is Gualala and another few miles up […]

  • I use WordPress for most of my websites. The beauty of the software is the vibrant community who codes all types of themes and allows free use of them. This one is called “Bloggism.” I hope you enjoy it!

  • Walking is one of the best exercises there is. It is not hard on the back or knees for most people and does not require ultimate fitness to get started. Unlike many sports, it is basically non-competitive; unless […]

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    A little about Oboz Shoes.
    I purchased a pair of Oboz Firebrand II low top walking shoes a few months ago. The Firebrands were wide to fit my feet (bunions). First off, I want to say that I had to take them […]

  • In the parlance of website development, a domain is a name given any internet address. The internet address is a number such as In the early 90’s domain names were associated to allow a more m […]

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    We are open for free sign ups (Registration). We now have the social software installed and it is working perfectly. Once you register you will receive and email with a verification link. After you get there and […]

  • We are now finishing the build of Grotto Blog membership website. we will announce its completion and readiness at the appropriate time. One might ask why we want to offer memberships. Let us explain.

    Walking […]