A little about Oboz Shoes.

I purchased a pair of Oboz Firebrand II low top walking shoes a few months ago. The Firebrands were wide to fit my feet (bunions). First off, I want to say that I had to take them back. Secondly, I want to tell you how disappointed I was to have to do so. Here’s the deal, these are wonderful shoes! I recommend them …. HIGHLY. The problem is my feet. Notice I didn’t use the past tense of “was my feet.” My feet are still as screwed up as always. There was nothing that I didn’t like about these except for the width. My feet have become, undetected until then, double E. I could not adjust the laces ( and, oh, did I try) to allow room for the bunions. This is the reason that I ended up with Keen Voyagers. However, when I walked in them I had the exact support and feel that I have had in Merrell or Lowe shoes. Tight with comfort but, too much bunion pressure. My feet are 10.5 EE and I thought of trying an 11 but that would leave my right foot swimming. I thought about having them stretched but was not sure if the “last” would take the abuse. Oboz was very nice when I emailed them and assured me that if REI didn’t take them back that they would do something to help. True to form, REI did take them back and that was that.

What did I like about the Oboz Firebrand?

First off was the sole. It is a stiff sole which I love. The second was the fit but for the width. All I needed was another 1/8th inch to get these perfect.  So, trading them in after 2 weeks was my only reasonable choice. I am seriously considering trying a pair of 11 EE as I liked them that much. I can always use an insole for both but you see how contrived this all could get. I didn’t get them in any water so the waterproof element of the shoe is untested by me. The shoes are tough as nails and, if they fit right in the store, these are wonderful. I liked them enough to shoot a photo of them which I am including here.

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