This Is A Walker’s Domain

In the parlance of website development, a domain is a name given any internet address. The internet address is a number such as In the early 90’s domain names were associated to allow a more meaningful “ad” for a domain. The website associated with that name are the names chosen by the owners of those websites. Therefore, this website, being named the Grottoblog, is the domain and the name of the website. Now, Grotto is usually associated with a cave or sheltered and rocky nook or cranny. It is also this author’s association with the mental state of walking. This is something that I wanted to emphasize here. The “Grotto” aspect of any walk. Even if you walk on streets it is a time in which there is more room for reflection than other times during the day in life. It is the reason I resumed walking in 2013. 2013 was a watershed year for me. A year in which I got rid of a lot of weight holding me down and made a clean start in my life. What that was all about is not for this blog but it is the reason that I started a blog with the idea of the “Grotto.” I have any number of internet projects but this one is the project I am mosts interested in getting underway. Walking and its peace is not spoken of in most of the websites that I researched. It gets a mention here and there but is not emphasized. You should know that I am a photographer and “seeing” light is what my life has been about. Walking is something I have done since I was a boy but was greatly increased during the 70’s  and 80’s when I was backpacking. I always took a Nikon FTn with me even though it was a lot of extra weight. Many of the photos I shot then were on chromes (slides). Recently I got a photo and negative scanner to start preserving many of these. And just in time. Some were starting to mildew and I was able to preserve those before the mildew got too deep into the emulsion. Looking at those old slides is where the idea for this site came from. Remembering back to those days when climbing a thousand feet in elevation was a walk in the park for me. I hope that you will become members of “The Grotto” because I am certain that many of you have these wonderful experiences also. I would love for you to share your photos and memories. I would also love to have you write of your favorite walking trails with photos if you have them. If not, just your synopsis of the times and thoughts of your walking would be fine.    

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