For the last few months, I have been purchasing different brands and material of socks. Both wool and cotton. I purchased Galiva (cotton) and Smart Wool (goes without saying?). Galiva – These are great cotton socks. They are thick which nicely pads the toes. They shrink only slightly in the wash but that is a good thing. When you put them on, fresh, they are just about perfectly tight to the foot as they were new. These socks have been washed now about 11 times. No change in fit. If I have any criticism at all it is very small and would probably apply only to backpacking or not having a few pair. They don’t dry very quickly after wearing and sweating. That’s cotton for you. If I were to rate them it would still be five stars as they come in a very nice box of three pairs each for a great price at Amazon. They were $14.99 for three pair when I purchased them in White and Grey. Smart Wool – Superb socks though pricey. $12.76-$19.07 per pair. Like the cotton these pad the foot nicely. they seem as though they are indestructible. Washed at least 15 times, they are still as brand new. if I were to have a criticism it is only that they seem a bit slicker in the shoe and slide a little bit causing minor friction. That’s probably just me or my shoes which are Keen Voyagers. I have to place bunions and long second toes in each shoe so the biology is likely the cause. they have never raised a blister. I have walked over 5 miles on trail and street on 95 degree days with no problems from either sock. Conclusion: Both brands are really great socks. If you are budgeting go for the Galiva cotton sock. If you can spend the money the quick drying Smart Wool might be the way to go. Either way, these socks are highly recommended by The Grotto.

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