Membership For Walkers

We are now finishing the build of Grotto Blog membership website. we will announce its completion and readiness at the appropriate time. One might ask why we want to offer memberships. Let us explain. Walking is the most individual sport there is. Many of us have favorite paths or woodland trails we enjoy. Others make walking a team sport of friends or family, husband and wife or significant other. Whichever category one falls into we all live in communities which some know better than others. Some walks are easy and others difficult. We are all at a different stage in life and that also requires attention. If walking is a great way to get moderate exercise when one is older the trails or paths should not be of any serious risk to life and limb. There are myriad details for walkers of any category to consider. Hence, the membership site. A website which is one dimensional, in this case, a walking blog, is a great way to give information in one specific geographical area. In this case: Sonoma, California. To refine this area more finely, Glen Ellen, California. That leaves out 99% of other walkers and the only way to be inclusive is to expand the idea to a larger enterprise. Hopefully, the entire planet. We have considered this endeavor for over a year and decided that, although there are many websites on the internet dedicated to walking in one form or another, we wanted to have a website that walkers could come to from anywhere in the world to find the trails and paths that suited their style no matter where they lived or where they were headed. Heading to Europe and want to find a trail in France’s wine country? We hope to be the place you come to find those trails. Live in New York and want to visit and walk the Napa or Sonoma Wine Country trails? Just click on This is our plan and it is already underway. The new software is installed but getting it up and running will take a while. It always does to be done correctly. the beauty is that you can become a charter member here and we will move your account, with plenty of prior notice to you, to the new website when it is complete. The new website will have a forum, social networking and, done correctly, sponsors who will offer bargains on shoes and equipment for just our members. We are forging ahead but will also keep this blog current. Thank you very sincerely for your stopping in to see how we are doing. We will be certain to keep you apprised as to our progress. We hope to open in about one month. Yes, it is that huge an enterprise. Administrator

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