My Pedometer

I have used several pedometers over the past few years. Keeping track of mileage is important to me. It helps me keep track of calories burned and, really most importantly, how my legs are doing as far as stamina goes. Also, I walk mostly in the morning and before I intake much nourishment so that I burn off the ice cream (yeah, I love ice cream) from the night before. Mileage isn’t everything though. When I mention stamina I am speaking of walking quite rapidly ( not “power walking”) to get the most bang for the buck in the shortest distance. To make sure, I use a pedometer with calories burned reading. I am currently using the pedometer pictured. It is an A&A. I also have an Omron that, though reliable and accurate, is rather finicky to set to get started. I have to cycle through the settings more than once to find out where the darned thing is going to start tracking. I got frustrated with it and bought the A&A. I really like the A&A. I can’t say that it is or is not more accurate. If the speedometer in my Jeep showed tenths on the odometer I suppose I could drive my routes and check the accuracy. It doesn’t so I don’t. However, if I am within one tenth of a mile I’m good and I have no reason to suspect that It is not on the money as I have the distances pretty well nailed down in my head from experience over the last several years. The A&A is great. All I do is pick it up and lock it onto my pocket when I start and it does what needs doing without a second thought. No fiddling around with all the buttons to see if it is actually registering steps before I leave the house. When I get back I read the steps and miles, calories burned and time elapsed. The next morning I check that it is zeroed and go. it does what it does without any further ado and that is what I am looking for. The fact that it is waterproof is a plus although I tend to not walk in the rain. I wear Columbia shorts and Under Armour UA Tech T-Shirts with my Keen Voyagers and I’m off. Is there anything better than that cold drink of water when you’re finished walking?

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