Join The Grotto – Win a Website! (*limitations below)

*I will be installing a members extension on The Grotto very soon. Why? Because we all walk. I think it quite evident (as I walk almost daily) that you love walking also. I could get cute and say something like: “Walking rhymes with talking so let’s talk on The Grotto.” That would be beneath me so I will tell you that I love people who walk on a regular basis. As I am walking quickly I have no chance, other than a brief wave and ‘hello’ to speak with others. It occurs to me that one remedy is to open this blog up to a free membership for those who would like to participate or just say a proverbial ‘hello’ to me and the other members. I will warn you that being a member here might result in your taking time away from walking to catch up on what myself and other members have to say. Forewarned? I really think that you should get over any shyness that may arise as you contemplate my offer to become a member and jump in with both feet. It’ll be fun! Look for membership signup to be easy as a username and password with your email (email will not be used for anything other than an occasional newsletter should I have enough members to warrant that. Email is not sold or used for any purpose besides a newsletter or direct communication with the admin here). I will tell you that the more members we have the more fun it can be. The more educational it can be and there will be perks! Perks come with a good number of members. What those perks are will depend on the number of people who sign up. Such items as pedometers, shoes, socks etc. might be possible in the future. Think about joining and be among the first five. The first member should also bring a friend or two..and so on…and so on. Before long we will be a group of like-minded individuals. *The first five members to join and bring at least one friend or family member will be offered a free website for one year. Now, not everyone wants a website but I happen to be a developer who builds WordPress websites. This is why I can offer free websites for a select few members. Think about it. (*Websites are basic WordPress websites with hosting included for a period of one year. This is a WordPress website and is similar but not necessarily the same as is being offered. Websites offered will be part of a WP multi-site installation and will be autonomous, build what you desire websites. This offer expires on August 20, 2017. Only the first five members who also bring a friend or family member and join as separate entities unto themselves qualify.)

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