Walking means shoes and socks. It also begs a question: Which shoes and socks? For that matter, which shoes and socks are the best? Well, I suppose that is an individual preference. We may also suppose that it has everything to do with the way one’s foot is built. Regular, wide or narrow. The problem with buying shoes online is the time it takes to try them on and send them back. I include the “send them back” phrase because, let’s be honest, we all try them on and, for one reason or another, send back at least one pair. In my case I sent back 4 pair the last time I purchased shoes. You see, my feet grew. I used to wear 9 1/2 D. No longer. I wear 10 1/2 wide now. Surprised the “****” out of me! I purchased and sent them back to Amazon. Not their fault, of course. Mine either. Who knew? I purchased and tried Merrell, Oboz, Keen and Vasque. All wide. Vasque ran narrow as did Keen Targhee. The Keen’s looked wide in the photo but they weren’t. I finally went to my local REI outlet and bought Oboz Firebrand waterproof. They were the “Bee’s Knee’s for about a week. Without the right socks, however, I blistered. Quite nicely I might add! This is when I went back to REI (they have a GREAT EXCHANGE PLAN). I traded them in with a discount which had been added when I purchased them and got a pair of Keen Voyagers. The Voyagers I still have and, in fact, am wearing them as I write this first post. I have also included a photo of them with this post. Now, the Keen’s are really great but, for me, I added insoles from the Insole Store. At first, I didn’t put them in the Keen’s as I thought the shoes were going to work out great. Today I did. After a five and three mile walk the past two days I blistered again. Hence, the insoles. I put them in and walked the shorter leg of my weekly walking menu and voila, no blisters. It should be noted that my feet have bunions which have grown to international standards of huge in the past twenty years. I do still have great arches though. (I know you needed this info about my feet.) The insoles are life savers for me. My only caveat to the Keen’s is that the soles are showing wear after only about 95 miles put on them. (I walk a minimum of 2 1/2 miles a day and up to 5 when the weather is not California-pizza-oven-baking-in-the-Mediterranean-HOT!) I like it up to around 92 degrees. Beyond that and I shorten the walk considerably. As I told my kids when they were growing: “I may be dumb but I’m not stupid.” So, there you have my first review. You have also seen how I like to write and you also know what this website/blog is going to be. An opinion and review of all things walking. I won’t stop there, however. I will mix in little quips and some garage humor (clean, not off-color) and some photography of mine for which I am a professional….retired. Also, I will provide links to my other websites so that you can take a few minutes and see what else I do on the internet. Should you have a mind to, please contact me with any questions. I will also place Disqus here so that the discussion, of which I certainly hope there will be a lot, can proceed with all of YOUR input. As with all websites, we shall see what we shall see as I go. Thanks for stopping in and have a great 48 hours, at least, in the near future which starts…NOW!.

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