Walking-It's what we were meant to do.

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I apologize, heartily, for being away so long here. Life got in the way for several months as it sometimes […]

Server Transfer

I am transferring The Grotto Blog to a new VPS server tonight. There may be some occasional downtime. Do not […]


For the last few months, I have been purchasing different brands and material of socks. Both wool and cotton. I […]

Membership For Walkers

We are now finishing the build of Grotto Blog membership website. we will announce its completion and readiness at the […]

My Pedometer

I have used several pedometers over the past few years. Keeping track of mileage is important to me. It helps […]

Join The Grotto – Win a Website! (*limitations below)

*I will be installing a members extension on The Grotto very soon. Why? Because we all walk. I think it […]


Walking means shoes and socks. It also begs a question: Which shoes and socks? For that matter, which shoes and […]